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Bean Outdoors Outfitter Pick's

Here we take a look at outstanding outfitters that we have personally used and recommend.

My experience at the Flying M Ranch Antelope Hunts

Over the last few years I have been wanting to go out west to hunt and following the advice of customers was to start with antelope. It was a customer who gave me a contact in Wyoming who then led me to the Flying M Ranch. The Flying M Ranch is located in Wright Wyoming and is owned and operated by Larry and Jackie Dobrenz. They offer rifle and archery hunts that are fully guided with options that allow hunters to stay at the ranch house or to stay in town at a hotel. At the ranch house they have satellite TV, wifi internet, and out of this world home cooking.

The hunt started in January when I booked the hunt with Jackie and she talked me thru what I needed to do to apply for my antelope tag. She was always very eager to help and answer any of my questions. As many of my adventures go I take my family along with me which consist of my wife and 3 boys(5,9,11). We flew into Rapid City,SD and saw the sights for a few days and arrived to the ranch on the Monday the 14th, the day before opening day. We ate dinner with Jackie and Larry and check our bow to make sure everything was still dead on. Early on it was obvious that antelope were everywhere, which adds to the excitement. Monday night was met with rain and uncharacteristic cold temperatures. Tuesday came and with cold temperatures still looming and spotty rain I stayed in the blind essentially all day but not having any antelope within bow range. Jackie packs a lunch for hunters which were delicious. Wednesday morning rolled around and we were up early for breakfast and back out to the blind. Temperatures were much warmer by over 10 degrees and more in line with antelope hunting. There were antelope all around as I entered a new setup on a different watering hole. Within two hours I had a buck come in, as he entered the area and began to drink, I could not draw my bow due to the sheer rush and adrenaline flow. The buck spooked and ran around to the back of the watering hole I gathered myself and made a good shot which dropped the antelope where he stood. I called Jackie and Larry was out quickly to help recover. We brought the antelope back for pictures and meat care.

In conclusion, this was my first trip out west and first antelope hunt ever. The Flying M Ranch boasts a 100% success rate for archery and rifle hunters and as Jackie says, “We will get you a shot, its up to you to make the shot.” Two other hunters were in camp as well, both of which connected on antelope with bows, one of which was a young 12 year old girl. Jackie is a fantastic cook, all of our meals were some of the best food I have ever eaten and by far the best at any outfitter I have been to. Her deserts were amazing from the chocolate cake to the oreo pudding. Larry and Jackie are super friendly and went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and happy. If you are looking for a great out west experience the Flying M Ranch will not disappoint. If you have questions you can contact us or you can contact them direct at