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N82 Tactical Holsters
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N82 Original Holster
N82 Original Holster
Our Price: $39.99

The Original Nate Squared Tactical Holster was developed to allow an
individual to carry concealed all day comfortably. We had always thought
that carrying a concealed firearm was just supposed to be comforting,
not comfortable. After personally carrying some of the most popular
IWB's on the market, we understood why so many people felt the same way.
After collecting the proverbial box of holsters, we decided enough was
enough and started working on our own holster design. We introduced our
Original holster in October of 2009 and since then, thousands of people
(some skeptically at first) have enjoyed the opportunity to not only be
comforted by carrying a concealed firearm, but learned that you could
truly carry all day comfortably. With Nate Squared Tactical, comfort is a
reality, NOT JUST A SLOGAN. Have a trigger guard mounted laser? You can
order an Original holster that will accommodate your laser for only an
additional $10!
N82 Original Tuckable Holster
N82 Original Tuckable Holster
Our Price: $59.99

The Nate Squared Tactical Original Tuckable Holster is just like our
Original holster with the dense herringbone elastic. We just added the
tuckable clip holder design. We sew 2 pieces of leather together to hold
the powder coated spring steel clip. An additional piece of leather is
sewn onto the dense herringbone elastic. This piece of leather gives
stability and provides a smooth surface for the tucked in shirt to be
pulled out easily for quick access to the firearm. So whether you are
going to work, church, or just going to have a nice meal, you can still
easily conceal your firearm and look professional. Have a trigger guard
mounted laser? You can order an Original Tuckable holster that will
accommodate your laser for only an additional $10!
N82 Original Professional Holster
N82 Professional Holster
Our Price: $69.99


The Nate Squared Tactical Professional holster is the ultimate IWB (inside-the-waistband) holster. It has all the comfort of our Original design, but comes with the following additional features: adjustable cant, tuckable, excellent positive retention. The holster is made of polycarbonate, which is an extremely durable thermoplastic. Common uses range from cd's & dvd's to bullet resistant glass. We chose to use polycarbonate because it has 30% more tensile strength and almost double the impact strength of acrylic-polyvinyl chloride, which is the material used by many of the most popular IWB holsters on the market today. All of this simply means that the Professional holster is made of the highest quality materials available. Using polycarbonate also allowed us to develop a positive retention IWB holster with our Twist Release System™. When the holster is worn, your body puts pressure against the backing, which presses the firearm against the polycarbonate. The polycarbonate holds the firearm in place and provides additional security for the retention of your firearm. Simply drive your thumb between the holster and the grip, then slightly twist the grip toward your body to release the trigger guard from the retention bump for a smooth draw!

N82 Pro Tandem Holster
N82 Pro Tandem Holster
Our Price: $72.99

The Pro Tandem holster series has all the comfort you have grown to expect from Nate Squared Tactical.

Just like the Professional series holster, the Pro Tandem gives you the Level 2 security of the Twist Release Retention System™ with added adjustability of the dual clip design. With 4 different mounting positions for both clips, the Pro Tandem will give you more options for both ride height and cant angle. In addition, the patented layered design of the Pro Tandem holster keeps all the mounting hardware separated from your skin with a layer of neoprene and a soft suede leather. The natural suede leather allows your skin to breathe, unlike having neoprene directly against your skin. So you can wear the holster all day without being forced to wear an undershirt between you and the holster. We guarantee that the Pro Tandem holster is the most comfortable dual clip holster on the market or we will buy it back any time within 30 days from the day your holster is delivered to you!

- Firearm Specific Thermoformed Polycarbonate

- Secure Twist Release Retention System™

- Four Height Adjustment Options

- Adjustable Cant

- One Hand Holstering

- Tuckable Design

- Durable Leather Surface

- Moisture Proof Neoprene Core

- Soft Suede Backing

- Complete Isolation from the Handgun

& All Mounting Hardware