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Bean Outdoors Outfitter Pick's

Here we take a look at outstanding outfitters that we have personally used and recommend.

My experience at Trophy Hunter Guiding and Outfitting

You can check out the video review of our experience by clicking here.

I had researched across the Internet over the last 2 years for black bear hunts and came across a forum discussion mentioning Lloyd Gates of Trophy Hunter Guide and Outfitting. After coming across the post I googled his name and came across his website ( which then pointed me to the outfitter review section. There I found three years worth of rave reviews about Lloyd Gates’ operation. This was my first Canada Black Bear Hunt and after reading reviews, talking on the phone, and email…I felt confident I had reached a decision and in December 2012 I put down my deposit for a 2013 Fall hunt. I have been on several guided hunts over the years but this was my first at Trophy Hunter Guide and Outfitting with Lloyd Gates in Coles Island, New Brunswick Canada along with my first Canada Black Bear hunt. Lloyd’s hunts are 6 day hunts that run Monday thru Saturday and are fully guided.For those who are unsure of what fully guided means…it simply means he takes you to and from the stand(which are all pre-set and are active bait sites that are watched by bushnell no-glow cams), meals and snacks, lodging, and trophy retrieval and care should you be successful. Lloyd’s price is an all inclusive includes all that I mentioned above plus hunting license.

We arrived late Sunday evening and were greeted by Lloyd, the accommodations were comfortable with all the amenities of home. He has power,running water, satellite TV, Wi-Fi internet. The cabin is new with a full bath with running hot/cold water. He also has a laundry facility so that you can leave with your clothes clean and you don’t have to pack as much as well. Groups are also welcomed as well, on this trip I brought along my wife and children and they all had a blast. Lloyd changed to a new location on Coles Island in late 2012 his camp is located on Washademoak Lake which offers a breathtaking view along with fishing as well. There is also a stocked trout pond on the grounds too. All meals were home cooked delicious meals on an all you can eat basis with plenty of sodas and bottled water. Snacks are also available and the cabin features a full kitchen with sink, stove, microwave, and fridge should you have a hankering in the middle of night for something. Snacks were also plentiful and no one went hungry at all.

Each evening Lloyd would take us to the stand and then he would go out of his way to make sure you were comfortable in your stand. He would then leave and return at dark unless you phoned that you had shot one. The second night of the hunt I shot a bear but after reviewing the footage I only nicked the animal due to the bow string catching my coat (we all know this feeling). After a sleepless night, we spent the next morning looking for the bear with no luck, of course, I was a little bummed out and in some respects did not feel like even hunting. Lloyd was very encouraging saying we all make mistakes and your hunting again tonight. On Wednesday night I had a small bear come in which was run out by a bigger bear. I was fortunate to hit the mark on this bear but had to wait till the next morning to retrieve due to nightfall. After 15 minutes of searching Lloyd located the bear…I knew he was big but not to the magnitude till we walked up on him. He was over 400 lbs with a 20.5” skull.

Overall, the hunting experience was a blast and it was an experience to see the dedication and passion Lloyd has for hunting and his clients. Because I brought my family we sort formed a family bond which him, his wife Rhonda, and children. We will return in the future. For more information about his operation you can visit there you can find pricing and his contact information. If there are any questions or comments you have for me please feel free to call or email me and I will be glad to let you know about the great experience I had and the one you can have as well. My phone is 336.564.2400 and my email is